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Born of Indian and Haitian decent, he was raised in the under the influence of NYC before moving to NJ. His deep roots and passion remain strong in all aspects of what’s important in life, family, friends, and his unwaivering desire to make people dance. With his intimate connection to the music, this allows him to connect with his fans, venues, and truly "feel" the music. Once the sun goes down, his creativity comes to life. Feeding off the crowd, it ignites his passion, and allows him to deliver one of his unforgetable sets. So while most of the world dreams while they sleep, in his conscious state his dreams are becoming a reality. He refers to his music as "Back to basics", which is a DJ that watches the crowd and feeds off thier energy, and never overlooks the details. With his ever growing popularity he has upcoming projects ranging from coast to coast, as well as Europe and India. With relentless drive, effort, skill, allow his talent to continually grow….Let me introduce to you, DJ Dev Bhandari.


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